April, 14 - 17 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

The most important trade show for the Defence Industry in Latin America in its 10th and we from Military Power show how the four days went in exclusive pictures:

Photos: George Abbud

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Abbud in front of the Gripen NG mock-up, the greater attraction of the Fair,
of which 36 units will be delivered to FAB from 2019.
UAV Hermes 900 Elbit Systems, the first aircraft
high-altitude surveillance and long-range of the FAB.



Defence Odebrecht stand, where they were exposed
all missiles Mectron, including MAN and MAR-1.
Embraer Defense stand where you can see the contours
of its newest aircraft, the KC-390, merging with the facade.




The C-SAR version of the H-36 Caracal of the Brazilian Air Force
first country helicopter to rely on probe for refueling.
European Airbus Group stand, majority shareholder of Helibras,
who is riding the Caracal helicopters for our Armed Forces.



Swedish SAAB stand, manufacturer of the Gripen NG,
winner Program FX-2 of the Brazilian Air Force.
Guarani armored 8x8 manufactured by Iveco to the Brazilian Army,
now with removable shield option against RPG, from the Israeli Plasan.



MH-16 Seahawk of the Brazilian Navy, specialized
in anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare.
American giant Lockheed Martin stand, one of the largest
companies producing military equipment in the world.



The South Africa stand, bringing together the
country major defense industry companies.
Wide view of the mock-up of the Gripen NG.
(Click on the image for a larger view)



Antitank missile MSS 1.2 CA from Mectron,
already in production for the Brazilian Army.
The UAE stand, one of the Medium Eastern
countries that more invests in defense equipment.



American company Sikorsky stand, manufacturer of a line
excellent helicopters, including the UH-60L Black Hawk.
Prototype light armored vehicle 4x4 Tupi, from Avibrás,
participating in open competition for the Brazilian Army.



First helicopter AS365K Pantera, of the Army Aviation,
modernized in Helibrás facilities to the standard K2.
Italian Fincantieri stand, renowned manufacturer of warships,
and one of PROSUPER competitors of the Brazilian Navy.



EMGEPRON stand, linked naval design company of the
Brazilian Navy, who currently works in CV03 corvettes project.
Abbud in front of the armored vehicle 8x8 Guarani, with 126 units
already delivered to the Brazilian Army and another 60 on order.



Light Gun 105mm cannon, of the Brazilian Marine Corps.

Brazilian AEL Sistemas stand, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems,
manufacturer of the main avionics used by aircraft of the FAB.




The impressive anti-ship MAN and anti-radiation
MAR-1 missiles (exported to Pakistan), both of Mectron.
One of the corridors of the three pavilions of Riocentro,
that took almost 700 exhibitors of the LAAD 2015.




Multiple rocket launcher system Astros CFN, from Brazilian Marine Corps.
Brazilian Condor stand, largest domestic manufacturer of
non-lethal weapons for the Armed Forces and Public Safety.



Air-to-air A-Darter and Marlin missiles, from the South African
company Denel, with the first is being developed jointly with Brazil.
Abbud in front of the H-36 FAB Caracal, specializing in C-SAR operations,
and first national helicopter equipped with probe REVO.




Brazilian CBC / Taurus stand, a renowned manufacturer light weapons
and ammunition, with manufacturing units in the country and abroad.
BAE Systems stand, one of the industry's largest in the world,
that is modernizing the armored M-113 and M-109A5 of the EB.



Details of the equipments showed in LAAD 2015:


Back section of the Gripen NG, highlighting the vertical rudder
and the nozzle reliable engine General Electric F-414G.
Model in scale developed nuclear reactor by
the Brazilian Navy for the future submarine SN-BR.



Detail of girostabilized platform mounted on the nose of the
H-36 FAB Caracal, with the latest sensors for day and night use.
Front section of the anti-radiation MAR-1 missile, from Mectron,
which will be integrated into future FAB Gripen NG fighter.




Central and rear sections of the anti-ship missile MAN, which
is being developed by Mectron with assistance of MBDA.
Probe for flight refueling of the helicopter
H-36 Caracal of the Brazilian Air Force.



Probe for flight refueling in the Gripen NG, which then
is collected for the compartment above air intake.
Rear section of the anti-tank missile MSS 1.2 AC
with especially the fins that unfold after its launch.



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